Art Workshops

At ANK learning centers every Saturday art classes are being conducted by proper Artists. Through the art classes the children gets the chance to show their hidden art talent and also they learn from the artists.

The exhibition of paintings continuing from 2007, 2008 at Tea Lounge of Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri is an effort to bring the hidden talent of these underprivileged children to a bigger platform.

During this period many visitors appreciated the art work done by children. Some of the paintings were sold also. All the proceeds went to the cause of educating underprivileged children. A short film was made about the children participating in the program. The film was screened during the exhibition.

The most important outcome was the uplifted spirit of the participating children whose work got recognized and appreciated at such a high level.

To provide exposure to the children towards contemporary art we organized two educational visits for the children to the National Gallery of Modern Art and Sahitya Kala Academy. The visits were organized in the month of June 2007, 2008, 2009 the children enjoyed the visit a lot. It was an opportunity for them to learn new thing and also sharpen their skill.