Yuva Shakti - BPO Training Project at Hasanpur, I.P Extension, Delhi

Goal of the project :- To create sustainable livelihoods for urban youths, by training / orienting them in BPO & Life skills and facilitating them with placements, thus enabling a dignified livelihood leading to improvement in socio economic status of individual adolescents thereby positively impacting family and society.

Education must lead to ability to earn, economic prosperity and enabling a sustained livelihood failing which literacy drive, howsoever well meaning, can never succeed in totality. Through training the youth in BPO training and fetching them with better livelihood opportunities we would be able to bring holistic changes in the beneficiaries and in their families - The youth in this area will be mostly first-generation learners.

This Yuva Shakti project is in operation since the first week of April 2012. We at our centre train the underprivileged youths and help them to get a job according to their capabilities. We for a fact have realized that there are so many youths who want to get educated and do better jobs; however, they are unable to complete their dreams due to couple of problems like financial issues, family problems, etc. So we came up with the idea to train them on basis of their Spoken English, Computer Training, Personality Development, Retail Management, Basic Management, Soft Skills and last but not the least on BPO skills. Our dream to fulfill their dreams is supported and initiated by "Tech Mahindra Foundation". Tech Mahindra Foundation not only helped us to initiate this plan but also provided us the course material that is followed at out centre for English Classes.

Community mobilization is very crucial for the project to become successful. We have an excellent team of Community Mobilizing who visit the communities to communicate with the youth, understanding their problems as to why they could not complete their studies, trying to know their dreams and aspirations, explaining the benefits of getting course done at our centre and also explaining the benefits after the course is completed. They then call them at our centre and from there begins the major work of training and retaining the students and providing them with the right placement.

First of all when a student comes to our centre the instructor conducts a small meeting in which they ask about a student's family back ground, his/her education qualifications, if they are working or not, what time would be suitable for them to come for class. However, the utmost priority is to judge at what level of understanding a student has related to English and Computer. The duration of the course is four months.

On the first day of a student, the instructor conducts a Pre- Assessment Test of the students to understand the level of his knowledge about English. The marks are kept confidential as it is just for the instructors to know and it is not to be disclosed to the students at any point in time. Here at ANK, a student is addressed as a "Learner" and a teacher is addressed as an "Instructor".

The following sessions are conducted at our centre throughout the day:

YUVA English Course:
Each session is for two hours wherein, each one full hour is dedicated to English and Computer training classes. English classes are conducted through a module named as "Yuva English". This module consists of a brilliant yet easy to understand English lessons it has chapters in it that consists of vocabulary, story, paragraph reading, audio clips, grammar exercises, role-plays, drawing, English Audio Songs and revision. Apart from this book there is a supplementary book named as "Yuva English" initiated by "Tech Mahindra foundation" and "CLR" which consists of short stories. Next day when the Learner comes to class, a thorough revision is done pertaining to previous session conducted. Likewise, the entire course of Yuva English is conducted.

The computer course consists of:
Word Pad & Ms-Office. Ms-Office covers following topics MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power point, MS-Access & Internet. In addition, we teach the learner how to make their resumes for jobs in due course of time.

After the English class the computer class is conducted were-in, a Learner is trained on above-mentioned topics. In MS-Word, the topics that an instructor teaches are how to make an advertisement, logos, C.V., & table of contents. In MS-Excel, topics covered are how to make a mark sheet, formulas, math n trigonometry functions, logical functions, and how to make an employee list. In MS-power point we teach to make Power point Presentations. In MS-Access, we teach how to make an I. Card. Last but not the least we teach our learner how to use Internet in which how they can make their Email I.D. Apart from this we help our Learners to attain a required Typing Speed with the help of Type-Master Software.

Also apart from these two courses, our centre offers a very interesting yet very enthusiastic course named as "English Helper". This unique program is a Learner driven course wherein he/she sits in front of the computer and covers the modules on computers. This course helps a learner to understand English from scratch level and then reaching to other levels thus increasing their understanding. This course consists of vocabulary, pronunciations, grammar & Learners are able to record their voices and can improve their own performances.

We also train our students on BPO Skills with the help of MES curriculum.
After the successful completion of this course a Learners goes through a significant change in their lives. Earlier when a student comes to our centre he/she is shy, under confident, unable to convey what they want to say in English, was able to read or speak in inappropriate English, has no knowledge of grammar and has poor knowledge of computer. However, with the joint effort of Instructors and the Learner there is successful growth in a Learner's life. However, couple of Beneficiaries also comes to get this course done who can read and write English but due to lack of practice and are under confident. We help them to come out of their cocoon shell and we groom them. After the course he/she is now able to construct sentences in English, they can understand English, able to carry important conversations like, able to greet, able to give His/her introduction, is able ask questions, is able translate in Hindi the meaning of a particular sentence in English, is able to fill certain forms that are required to be filled at schools/colleges, are able to read advertisement related to jobs and are able to write an application letter for jobs.

Other activities conducted at the centre:-
We at ANK not only focus on studies but also conduct other interesting activities to break the monotony and also help our beneficiaries to learn new things with fun. Activities like showing Picture cards to describe the scene shown in it pass-in the parcel game, memory game, musical chairs, etc. In addition, we conduct lot of role-plays, dramas, group discussions, JAM (Just A Minute) and debate.

We also show some motivational videos and show English motivational movies from time to time so as t increase the understanding of the Learners. Friday at out centre is not a usual however; it is called, as "Fun Friday" as we conduct games for the Learners.

Final assessment and interview preparation:
After the course gets over, we conduct an assessment. Each Learner is scored on bases of their reading, writing and listening abilities to understand English. Likewise, a computer test is also conducted for the same. Then they are scored and are certified after clearing the assessment.

Once they are able to score now a Learner is certified and gets ready for the job placement for which they are first trained related to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Under BPO, training a Learner is provided with the full information as to what a BPO and when it came to India, what are the types of BPO. We also tell what "Customer Service" is and what the role of a customer service executive is. We help them to create their Email I.D. in addition, make their resumes. Then a learner who is an eligible candidate for the interviews goes through all the rounds and clears the interview closing his Offer Letter by the company. In addition, a learner is trained based on Soft Skills were in he/she is taught as to how he should present, speak and respond in an appropriate at professional level.

Thus ANK India helps a learner to not only learn English and Computer but also helps them to be a good human being who is now confident and is ready to take his responsibilities to next level thus further helping the community.