English Teaching Program

No one can deny the significance of English in the current scenario. Today, English is spoken all over the world. Hence, it is very essential for everyone to have a functional knowledge of English. It not only helps students in their pursuit of higher education but also enables working people to improve their communication skills and hence job performance. But unfortunately, a large number of the underprivileged children and young people are still deprived of an English speaking environment. This limits their English skills and affects them badly in the long run.

ANK English teaching Program aims at improving Basic English skills of the underprivileged children and youth. The program covers those in the age group of 8-26 years. It seeks to build their basic conversational skills as well as their ability to read and understand simple texts in English. In short, the program seeks to improve the listening, speaking and reading skills of the students. In addition, this Program helps the beneficiaries in getting better employability in all the working sectors.

The program focuses on teaching English in a simple and interesting way. We make sure that the students get a friendly and informal environment so that the learning process becomes easy and fruitful.