Health Camps


Health is a productive asset that influences economic growth significantly. According to the National Health Policy 2001 the morbidity & mortality levels in the country are still unacceptably high. We recognize that attainment of health indicators have been very uneven across the rural-urban divide. Access to public health services is nominal and health standards are grossly inadequate for the vulnerable sections of the society. The over all objectives of our health programmes have been Promotion of positive health, prevention of diseases, early diagnosis-treatment and follow up of disease, and provision of healthy environment.

We have successfully campaigned in Immunization process through organizing health camps with the help of local Govt. Hospitals and the Immunization included giving up regular doses of Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Polio, Measles and Tetanus to Children and pregnant mothers.

With our experience we have found that there is immense need to strengthen the Immunization process in both urban and rural areas.

Eye Check up camp

ANK organized eye-screening program in association with Venu Eye Institute. The program held in three different stages. A total of 813 children were screened during the camp.

The program was of great help to the community as all the screened children are living below poverty line. The fact that all the beneficiaries were out of school children – some drop outs and some never been to any formal school, makes the entire effort even more important.

During the camp 10 children were identified with some problem and were referred to the hospital by the team of doctors. Komal, a 13 years old girl from Saidualazab had some problem in her eyes since childhood. Her parents were ignoring her problems. She comes to our Learning Centre regularly and always tells that she cannot read properly. We contacted her parents and requested them to take her to some hospital but they ignored. When we told her that a team of doctors is coming to her school to check her eyes she was really thrilled. She was very excited in the hope that her problem will be rectified soon and she could continue her studies. Komal is one of the 10 cases referred to the hospital by the team of doctors. We made an arrangement to take all the 10 children to the Venu Eye Institute for further check ups and her eye problem was treated.

Dental Check up Camp

To check up the dental health of the children studying at ANK’s Learning Centers, we organized a dental check up camp. The camp was organized in association with Colgate. The venue of the camp was the community center of Saidualazab village.

For the camp Colgate sent one mobile dental check up van which had all the facilities and instruments for dental check ups and one Dentist along with 2 helpers. The teachers of ANK helped the Colgate team to screen the dental health of children. 256 children were screened during the camp.