Sponsor a Child's Education

For ANK the term “under privilege” exists, till adequate privilege is not given to the needy persons. We live in this world where we daily sees and interact lots of underprivileged children, be it at public parks, shopping malls, railways stations, traffic lights, restaurants etc The need of the hour is to work with these underprivileged kids.

These kids are a part of our future and society. We must understand their problems and requirements. If these at risk kids are not groomed at the right time and early age, chances are that they will become future bad element of our society.

Education is one of the basic needs of these kids. Our sponsorship programs are an Endeavor to provide basic education to underprivileged children.

Through this sponsorship program we wish to create a direct connect between these potentially good human beings and you. Through this program, anybody who feels concerned about these kids can sponsor the education of at least one child for some period of time we at ANK, will regularly update the donor about the progress of the child.You can sponsor a child by paying Rs. 6500 per annum to “ANK”. You can pay the amount on monthly/quarterly or annual basis.